Where else could you use GL?



Kitchen countertops come clean in a flash with Greased Lightning. Spray directly on food stains, soap scum and more. Use full strength or diluted, and wipe clean with a sponge, paper towel or rag. Not recommended for granite, marble, clear-coated or laminated surfaces.


Bring on the sparkle with a simple squirt or two of Greased Lightning. Spray directly on surface, inside and out, and wipe clean. Use in cooled dishwasher only. Avoid over-spraying knobs and dials.

Kitchen Sink

Grease, food stains and soap scum are no match for the cleaning power of Greased Lightning. Just spray directly on sink surfaces and fixtures, rinse, and done.


Replace grimy fingerprints with a flash of brilliance. Try Greased Lightning on doorknobs, cabinet pulls, closet handles, and light switches. Not recommended for pewter or brass. Remove quickly from fixture gaskets and seals.

Garbage Cans

Garbage cans are a veritable wasteland for germs and odors. Get the smell out and brightness back by using Greased Lightning full strength on bins, buckets and pails. Rinse with clean water.

High Chairs

Greased Lightning is a brilliant solution for whatever kind of mess baby gets into. Use full strength on spills and stains, then rinse and wipe clean. Avoid use with aluminum and painted surfaces.

Tile and No-Wax Floors

For high-traffic areas like the kitchen, Greased Lightning strikes hard against built-up dirt, grime, scuff marks and food stains.

Ovens and Grills

Baked-on grease and grime don’t stand a chance against the cleaning power of Greased Lightning. For extra-tough jobs, allow full-strength cleaner to penetrate surface for one minute. Use only in cool oven. Do not use on continuous-cleaning ovens. Avoid over spraying dials, gaskets and heating elements.

Plastic Accessories

Use Greased Lightning to clean all your plastics down to the squeak. Dilute 4-to-1 with water and soak in a basin for 20 minutes or more — depending on your level of grime. Remove, wipe lightly with a sponge and rinse clean.

Plastic Blinds

Open your eyes to a new level of clean. Simply remove blinds, soak them in a solution of tub water and Greased Lightning Super Strength, then scrub with a well-bristled brush and allow to dry. Eliminates built-up grime, and dust!


Clean and maintain the luster of glazed porcelain with Greased Lightning. Simply apply, rinse and quickly wipe dry. Not recommended for older porcelain or porous surfaces.


Swap that sticky, smudgy refrigerator for one that’s sparkling and fresh. Spray Greased Lightning full strength inside and out, then wipe clean with a damp sponge or cloth.

Stainless Steel

Stop going in circles with other scrubbers. Greased Lightning lifts dingy grime off stainless steel in a flash. DO NOT use on aluminum surfaces.

Stovetops & Hoods

Nothing tackles heavy grease buildup like Greased Lightning. Just spray full strength and wipe clean to reveal the shine. Avoid over-spraying dials and heating elements. Test in an inconspicuous place first.

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