The Greased Lightning family of super-strength degreaser products tackle today's cleaning needs. Our multi-purpose products can be used throughout the home and beyond - from kitchens and bathrooms to garages and patios.


Since the launch of our flagship product in 1985, we have worked to create innovative cleaning products based on feedback we gain from you, our customers. Our products are developed with you in mind and are designed to provide superior cleaning and degreasing power to help save you valuable time and money.


Our everyday household cleaning products include Greased Lightning®; Greased Lightning® Bleach, Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner, Lemon BlastTM and Orange BlastTM. Click here to learn about our products.


Once the inside of your home is clean, you can move to the garage with our line of automotive products, which includes Greased Lightning® High Performance Cleaner and Degreaser and Greased Lightning® BLASTTM Auto Shop Degreaser and All Wheel Cleaner. Click here to learn more about our automotive products.


Greased Lightning is owned by Home Care Labs, a division of BioLab, Inc. A KIK Custom Products Company, and is headquartered in Lawrenceville, Ga.

​ Greased Lightning - Cleans When Others Can't.

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