Orange Blast Laundry
Orange Blast
Baby Food & Formula Stains
Keep baby’s precious outfits, bibs and blankets looking their best by pretreating tough stains with Greased Lightning Orange Blast. Spray full strength, allow to penetrate fabric for one minute, and toss in the washer. Works great on stuffed animals, too. Test in inconspicuous place first.

Vinyl baseboards get scuffed, grimy, even scummy, but Greased Lightning Orange Blast quickly wipes away the dirt - so you spend less time cleaning, and have more time on your hands.

Countertops come clean in a flash with Greased Lightning Orange Blast. Spray directly on food stains, soap scum and more. Use full strength or diluted, and wipe clean with a sponge, paper towel or rag. Not recommended for granite, marble, clear-coated or laminated surfaces.

Greased Lightning Orange Blast is the key to disappearing ink. Simply spray full strength onto the stain and scrub with a bristled brush. Rinse well with clean water. Or pretreat and toss it in the washer.

Laundry Pretreat
Pretreat tough food, grease and more with Greased Lightning Orange Blast and watch them all come out in the wash. For set-in stains, spray and allow solution to penetrate fabric for five minutes before washing.

Fumbled your foundation? Accidentally dropped your favorite shade of shadow? No worries. Greased Lightning’s powerful Orange Blast formula cuts through oily messes, leaving only the shine behind.

Sports Uniforms
Greased Lightning Orange Blast gives you the home field advantage over tough grass and red clay stains. Just spray on full strength and toss shirts, pants, socks, and even athletic shoes into the wash. For set-in stains, let formula penetrate fabric for one minute before washing.

Stuffed Animals
Those well-loved critters deserve your attention. Spray Greased Lightning Orange Blast directly onto stains and scrub lightly. Rinse completely with clean water, then air-dry or use hairdryer on low setting and cuddle up to clean.

Athletic Shoes
Give grass stains, dirt and smudges a real workout. Just spray Greased Lightning Orange Blast directly to your shoe’s soiled area and wipe clean. For set-in stains, scrub with a well-bristled brush and toss into the washer. Test in an inconspicuous area first.

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